Re: Searching for Help

From: Dena Lomax (
Sat May 6 16:38:34 2000

Bob-- I don't understand why her Dr. is giving her Stadol for her pain. I do know of some people who were taking Stadol, but they had problems with migraine headaches. Is she going to a pain clinic? I also took Neurontin---NEVER AGAIN---I was out of my mind---Please go to the adhesion quilt and read my story. It seems that she is getting medication that works more on the head than providing pain relief. Since she has had so many surgeries, adhesions are most likely the cause!! Where are you from? Perhaps someone can help you find a better doctor.....Tell your wife that she is not alone......There are alot of people going through the same things....Just know that both of you are in my prayers....Always pray for strength to get you through!!! And also, that a cure may be just around the corner!! Good Luck and God Bless You!! Dena

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