Re: My story...memories which you, Karla, have had to endure

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon May 8 14:32:42 2000

Dear Karla,

As you so carefully typed out your story, I am sure that it had to be very painful to relive all of the memories which you have about:

* the pain and embarrassment which you have had to endure throughout those years,

* the many invasive, unpleasant and painful medical tests which you have had to endure,

* the many experiences you have had with so many medical professionals, who did not believe you when you told them that you were in pain and t

* the many doctors who did not acknowledge the reality - that adhesions do cause pain,

* the far tooooo many surgeries which you have endured, which caused you so much pain and which distanced you from your family and friends,

* the doctors, friends, and even relatives who did not believe that you were in pain and as a result failed to show you compassion and friendship,

* the days, the months which you have been patiently waiting to hear when your surgery in Chicago will be scheduled...the surgery which could give you a much better quality of life,

* your inability to continue working and then losing the job which you enjoyed,

* your longing to be able to hold your 2 beautiful granddaughters

* on and on other losses and heartaches could be listed, I am sure.

Karla, just by taking the time to fit the many complicated pieces of your medical history together, will be helpful for you. There is therapeutic value to writing down painful memories...writing painful memories down on paper transfers those painful memories to the written page and, as a result, helps to make more room for you to store pleasant memories in your memory bank, your brain.

With patience your long-awaited appointment for surgery in Chicago will be a reality. There is HOPE! Keep this HOPE alive!!

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