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Sat May 6 18:09:52 2000

Dear Bob, Been there with my wife. E-mail me privately. We can talk. Richard the Guard Dog.

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> I am sure this will sound familiar. My wife has had numerous surgeries,
> both open and scope, for adhesions. We have made trips to NY City and
> the Poconos to have it performed by the best Drs out there. She had
> nerves severed in her spine to elimante the pain only to have them
> "grow" (??) back and the pain return. In August of 1999 we were in
> Houston with 2 surgeons that were supposed to be the best. They were
> very caring and understanding. However, the pain is back along with
> bowel problems and we are being given the run around with attempts to
> treat it with diet change, clonopin, neurotin and of course pain
> killers, this time Stadol spray. I have been following the progress of
> both Intergel and ADCON-P and wish the FDA would hurry up. I guess the
> main thing I want some help on is if anyone know of any specific Dr. in
> Canada of Europe that will take on a patient from th US? This has been
> going on since 1994 and I have watched my wife, an RN, go throughsome
> much emotionally and physically that I am willing to do anything or go
> anywhere. She currently is so out there from the medications, it scares
> me. Bowel movements are rare and far between, she is swollen in the
> upper abdomen and they keep saying it is not blocked due to seeing the
> barium flow through ever so slightly on a GI series. I understand the
> Dr.s frustration, but they don't live with her. It is scaring the kids
> and family. Any help would be appreciated.
> --
> Bob Markford

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