Re: Just Wondering?

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Thu Mar 9 11:54:53 2000

>I have only posted once since I have found this sight. I want ya all to
>know that I have visited this sight everyday for info and my prayers are
>adhered to my ovary and abdominal wall not to mention my bladder. Both
>ovarys where attached to the abdominal wall. After the surgery for
>about maybe a week I had no pain. Well I unfortunatly it is back. Do
>they come back this fast?

Yes, adhesions can come back that fast. That's why one doctor (recently died of cancer) who was very aggressive in treating adhesions used to do what he called a second look lap about a week after a first one to try and prevent the adhesions from forming. He found that most adhesions began to reform in that first couple of weeks. I took part in a trial last summer of a new gel to hopefully prevent adhesions from forming after surgery and they preferred the second look surgery to be 6-12 weeks after the first, because they felt that they would be reformed in that time, if they did.

>Is this good that he said that so maybe
>he believes that adhesions cause pain

I think it's good, since many doctors seem to think that adhesions shouldn't be a problem. AT least he's willing to acknowledge the possibility.

Sue Ann

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