Adhesions return

From: Sharon (
Thu Mar 9 14:29:31 2000

I'm having problems with pain again after 13 years. Back in 1987 I went for a year in pain and after seeing around 5 to 10 doctors they told me it was in my head. They didn't no what it was. Finally they went in with a scope I saw and cut 2 large adhesions and I was told I had alot more little one's they couldn't cut because it would cuz more scar tissue. I have never had surgery before this to get adhesions in the first place. Well now I'm back in pain. I'm wondering why it gets so bad when I stand for long periods of time and it will some what go aways when I sit down. I went for a catscan today. I see a doctor Monday about having my colon checked also. My mom has a history of colon polyps. So I thought that would be a good idea. I felt good after they cut them the first time. I wondering if I can feel the same this time. I just want to feel better. I glad I found someone who will actually understand how I feel. Just getting up in the morning and starting to move around and can feel that it's going to hurt, it's on my right side. As I stand and try to go to work, which I need to stand all day, my knees get weaker and the pain gets worse and all I want to do is sit down. I'm normally a very active person so this really messes me up. I hate it so much. Please someone write back and talk to me. Thanks Alot.

Sharon Gnas

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