Just Wondering?

From: Mary (Banditkat@aol.com)
Wed Mar 8 07:31:18 2000

I have only posted once since I have found this sight. I want ya all to know that I have visited this sight everyday for info and my prayers are with each and every one of you. I Had a laparascapy on Feb 22nd in which case they found moderate adhesions. He did not use any barriers or use saline either. I have had one previous lap about12 years ago where they stiched the tendons to my Uterus. Other then this no other abdominal surgery. I have had pain like pulling on my right side for about 2 years. Only after I switched my pcp did the new doc do a ultasound and they thought I had a mass but as it turns out my bowel was adhered to my ovary and abdominal wall not to mention my bladder. Both ovarys where attached to the abdominal wall. After the surgery for about maybe a week I had no pain. Well I unfortunatly it is back. Do they come back this fast? My hubby thinks they never fixed the problem (thinks I have a hernia). Wouldnt a hernia be seen during a lap?. I have not gone back to the GYN that did the surgery till March 21st.Do I need to see a dif doc since my bowel was involved? On my out patient release He put moderate adhesions likely cause of abdominal pain. Possible small amount of endo. Is this good that he said that so maybe he believes that adhesions cause pain?. Im so sorry for making this so long. I have been reading all the posts and guess I just saved all my questions till now. ( even more curious since the pain is back) ( The pain is like pulling with some stabbing almost to the groin) Hope I included all the info. Any response would be appreciated. Take care and may God Bless each and every one of you!!!!

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