How the liver functions

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Mar 9 11:15:08 2000

Someone has recently mentioned their concern about the toxic effect that some drugs can have on a person's liver. It has been very difficult for me to find that particular article, which addresses the toxicity of some drugs. The previous article about acetominophen did speak about toxicity. This article is titled "Cirrhosis."

When "cirrhosis" is mentioned, most of us understand cirrhosis to be a disease which affects the liver in people who suffer from alcoholism. I decided to post this website here because I felt that this article gives a good account of how the liver functions. However, because of the medical terminology used in this article, some of you will find this article too technical for you to understand. When posting messages, such as this article, it is not possible to please everyone - because of our divergent backgrounds.

* Cirrhosis

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