Re: Just Wondering?

Fri Mar 10 00:12:30 2000

Welcome Mary! Yes, unfortunately, the can come back faster than I thought possible. Example: (bear in mind all of us are different) I had a hysterectomy nove 14th (I thnik tha's the right date). In the hosdpital for 4 days; went home for 4 days. The pain was soo bad all I did was cry and scream for those 4 dayws. It was bad enough I went back to the hospital & had a bnowel resection on Thanksgiving that Nov. & the adhesions were already back! After only 8 days!! As to your other questions, I've not had any other surgery; my GYN said definitely not unless death is looming. Not sure I want one as I think it will only make me worse. You might want to try a gastro intestinal specialist for bowel problems. A GOOD one who listens & doesn't dismiss your opinions. Hopw things work out for you, Blessed Be. Karla B.

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