From: toni welsh (twelsh1@hotmail.com)
Wed Mar 1 05:51:46 2000

Thank you for your thoughts, I am just trying to keep myself busy. My father in law is having the spells again they do not knwo if they are seizures, or mini strokes. They will be doing an MRI soon to see exactly what the spots are in his brain. We are fairly sure since he has lung and liver cancar, now it has spread to the lymph nodes, that it is what we are dealing with.

The pain clinic talked me into staying on the meds, she thinks I will be in alot more oain without it. She also talked to me about the surgery, and we discussed the remark my GI dr said. She said she knows the medical profession does believe that scar tissue causes oain, and not for everyone, alot depends on where they are and what organs they are attached to, and the bowels is a touchy organ, they are supposed to be mobile, and when the adhesion bind them up they cannot move. She said that is probably why when I take a laxative the whole day is even more painful, due to the fact the bowels have been moved. I am getting to the point where I cannot stand to even take one, but since I added colace to the senekot, things are not as bad to move my bowels, the last three times had been so pain ful I nearly called 911.

When the dr said you may have had a partial bowel obstruction, what were your symptoms, the pain dr told me that the episodes I am having could also be a patiol obstuction in the small bowel. I keep trying to find out what the symtoms are and never get an answer, I worry about that, and she too said to NOT get constipated. I am going to try to wait 6 months to have any surgery, and then I will see how thinns are! Thankyou for caring so much I do too! Please let me know what kind os symptoms you have had .


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