Re: Karla,

Wed Mar 1 08:53:30 2000

Toni, I have had several partial bowel obstructions and my symptoms were pain, nausea, swelling, cramping and vomiting. I have had to go to the hospital many times with them and the doctors there told me that the way to know there is an obstruction is the nausea and vomiting. I have also had total bowel obstructions and that is awful, required immediate emergency surgery. At that time, I was vomiting every 7 to 10 minutes, just bile. Apparently when the bowel is obstructed the bile that your stomach naturally produces cannot get through the bowel and it comes back up and that causes the vomiting. I am going for surgery next week because of this. After having two partial obstructions in the last 2 months and having to go on liquid diet to avoid a total obstruction I have lost over 28 pounds and it is now necessary to have the surgery. I try everything to avoid it as we all know surgery is short term help, but at this time I have no quality of life and have lost so much weight that I have no choice. Hope this helps, I am no expert, can only share what happened to me. Best of luck and I wish everyone well, Ginni

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