Re: Karla,

Fri Mar 10 00:23:55 2000

No, Ginni, at this time I don't trust anyone (surgeon) to operate on me again. I've lasted 5 years since the last surgery & unless I get so bad I really can't stand it, no, I can't. I remember the last two all too well. Spending tmost of he whole month of Nov. 94 in the hospital was a bit much! I'm okay w/taking the meds everyday, & on fgood days, I can almost look like a normal person. I think that's a big problem for alot of us ARD sufferers. People always are telling you how good you look, blah, blah, blah. But they don't feel like something out of a sci-fi movie where some alien being is bursting it's was out of your inards!

The vomiting you're ezxperiencing sound a lot like GERD (gastro esophagul reflux); which needs to be looked at. It's potentially dangerous to your esophagus. As to the upper &/or lower GI, it takes FOREVER for the barium to come out! Days!!

Keep in touch & let me know how your doing, Ginni. Blessed Be & my prayers are w/you. Karla B.

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