Re: Karla,

Tue Mar 7 10:26:20 2000

Toni: My dr said pretty m,uch the same as yours. He explained that the organs in the abdomen move aropund freely in a normal person, but with the adhesions connecting all my inner organs together any time they change position they are hweld back cuz of the adhesions, paticularly in the bowel region. This has also masde the 2 sygmoidoscies I've had too painful to even go as far up into the bowel as it should have.

My pain symptoms are feeling like I have to have a BM but it's not closde enough to come out. Also the straining we do the have a BM will cause more pain cuz of the pushing/straning we do forces the bowel to move which in turn aggravates the adhesions which will make for a VERY painful day.Sometimes you might feel like uou've had a successful BM just to find a little in the 'ole porcelain god/goddess. I think it's as bad or worse to have a BM than it is not to, depending on how long it's been since you'ver had one (BM).

I hope this ehlps you, Toni. If you want to know anything else don't hesitate to ask.

Your Friend in NY, Karla B.

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