Re: Karla,

Wed Mar 8 09:33:50 2000

Karla, Glad my experience could help. It helps so much to know that I am not the only one suffering. I have been through the worst two months suffering and finding the right doctor. I live in Florida and it seems as soon as the doctors see my videos of my last two surgeries they say they will not go in there. I am going back to California to Dr. Nezhat, who helped me before. I just have to stay strong enough for another three weeks and then know I will get the care I need. I have seen four doctors here who all say my case is too extreme for them. I am lucky to have a good GP who will give me anything I want to keep my strong and pain free until the surgery. I know what you mean about the bowel movements. They made me have one of those stupid barium tests and six days later I have still not passed any. Has this ever happened to you? I feel like I am full of cement. A friend in Alaska who just had her third adhesion surgery this year just told me about a new prescription laxative which she says works wonderfully without any harsh chemicals or cramping pain. It is called Miralax. Has anyone tried this and what do you think of it? I am going to ask my GP about it. I have had good luck so far with Vicoden, although it makes me speedy instead of relaxed so I am also taking Xanax twice a day and this is helping. I have not eaten in two months now, just liquids to avoid a bowel obstruction and my weight is getting ridiculously low. My adhesions have not only completely glued up my bowel but have also attacked my stomach and I have vomiting every night. The doctor says it is because when you are laying flat (as like sleeping) it causes it to flow back upward and this causes the vomiting. Getting people to understand what this is like is impossible. My in-laws think their poor son got stuck with a reject, sickly wife, thank God he is supportive and sticks with me. I hope you find some relief and have more good days than bad. Thanks for writing, this waiting for the surgery is the worst. Are you considering more surgery? Ginni

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