Coping without surgery

From: Richard Hagen (
Thu Jan 27 18:04:51 2000

I know I haven't written much. My wife needs a new pain doctor for pain meds and to keep her motivated in fighting the ARD. We are still waiting to hear if surgery is available. Meanwhile she suffers greatly. We were unable to connect with Dr.Reich when we were in New York plus she most likely needs a full surgery and not a lap with a scope. The clinic in New Orleans never got back to me. We have been made into pariahs locally and it is very hard to keep a PCP. I don't know what to do anymore. It's like we are at an impasse and nothing will happen unless it is life and death and then it most likely will be just another two years of suffering and more doctors. Dr. Semertzides has not responded as of late. He was the last surgeon to work on her. He was going to arrange surgery where he could use the interceed. But no info.

We tried the nerve blocks, pain clinics, pain doctors, physical therapy ,now its viceral manipulation. I still feel that we are just wasting our money on unknowledgeable doctors.

Its hopeless.

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