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From: Jessica (
Thu Jan 27 15:00:57 2000

Hi everyone! I just picked up the Feburary 1 issue of Woman's World Magazine and the last article tells of a woman who had to have her sister be a surrogate mother because she had"undergone a previous sugery for ulcrative colitis that had created scar tiissue that was strangling her fallopian tubes." Then she developed an ovarian cyst and needed surgery. The doctors told her that the "scarring is worse than we thought and it had wrapped itself around her uterus" This was the only mention of the medical problems that caused this woman's infertility. Nowhere in the article can you find the words "adhesions" or "adhesion related disease". I am going to e mail the magazine and maybe the rest of you want to do the same. Maybe they too will do an article just about adhesions. The email address is "" Best wishes for everyone's health!!! I am due to have an ultrasound next week for another ovarian cyst. Maybe it will just disappear by then!!! Love to all, Jessica

Jessica Baleyko

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