Re: Coping without surgery

Sat Jan 29 08:31:49 2000

Beverly, Sorry for the confusion. Dr. Camran Nezhat has been my doctor in California. He has performed my last two surgeries. One four years ago, which took 6 hours and I felt wonderful for two years. Then my symptoms returned and I tried everything I could to prevent surgery, therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, yoga, etc. He then did the second surgery and it took only 4 hours. They found 40% less adhesions. Dr. Nezhat was the inventor of the videolaparascopy instrument, adding a camera to the laparascope. I have videos of both my surgeries which has proven useful to get my primary doctor and others that doubt the seriousness of adhesions and lets them see what it is really like in there. A mess. He is a very kind, gentle, soft-spoken man who has written two books on this procedure. I do have my surgery records and from what I see there is o mention of ringers solution. Can you tell me more about that? I have now had 17 months free of symptoms, but unfortunately it is back in full force, although now I have no pain on my left side which I did before. Because Dr. Nezhat did my last surgeries I would love to go back to him, but right now it is impossible financially. I have e-mailed him and he said he would be glad to do it. I told him I wanted him to do it but can't get there. He suggested his brother Ceanna Nezhat who has offices in Atlanta, which we could drive to. I am considering this. There is a doctor here in Palm Beach which I have to see because of my insurance who does this type of surgery but mainly for infertility cases. He has not and I do not feel comfortable with him as this involves the bowel and stomach area and great expertise. I hope I have answered your questions and would love to hear about Dr. Reicht. Although I cannot afford to get to New York either, from my research I have found the most important thing in this is the skill of your doctor and he sounds very good. Thanks for your help. Ginni Ficarra

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