Re: Coping without surgery

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Sat Jan 29 13:24:18 2000

Ginni and all: Here is the adhesiolysis procedure that I had sone by Dr. Reich. It will discribe why I mentioed the ringers solution. Thank-you for the information, I understood better this time. One wonders just when and what type of resolution may be found for ARD!! Until then, we can only keep trying and hoping! Bev


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> Beverly,
> Sorry for the confusion. Dr. Camran Nezhat has been my doctor in
California. > He has performed my last two surgeries. One four years ago, which took 6
> hours and I felt wonderful for two years. Then my symptoms returned and I
> tried everything I could to prevent surgery, therapy, anti-inflammatory
> drugs, yoga, etc. He then did the second surgery and it took only 4
hours. > They found 40% less adhesions. Dr. Nezhat was the inventor of the
> videolaparascopy instrument, adding a camera to the laparascope. I have
> videos of both my surgeries which has proven useful to get my primary
doctor > and others that doubt the seriousness of adhesions and lets them see what
it > is really like in there. A mess. He is a very kind, gentle, soft-spoken
man > who has written two books on this procedure. I do have my surgery records
> and from what I see there is o mention of ringers solution. Can you tell
me > more about that? I have now had 17 months free of symptoms, but
> unfortunately it is back in full force, although now I have no pain on my
> left side which I did before. Because Dr. Nezhat did my last surgeries I
> would love to go back to him, but right now it is impossible financially.
I > have e-mailed him and he said he would be glad to do it. I told him I
wanted > him to do it but can't get there. He suggested his brother Ceanna Nezhat
who > has offices in Atlanta, which we could drive to. I am considering this.
> There is a doctor here in Palm Beach which I have to see because of my
> insurance who does this type of surgery but mainly for infertility cases.
He > has not and I do not feel comfortable with him as this involves the bowel
and > stomach area and great expertise. I hope I have answered your questions
and > would love to hear about Dr. Reicht. Although I cannot afford to get to
New > York either, from my research I have found the most important thing in
this > is the skill of your doctor and he sounds very good. Thanks for your
help. > Ginni Ficarra

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