Re: Coping without surgery

Mon Jan 31 10:04:05 2000

Toni, I don't know for sure what surgery you need but try to avoid a laperatomy at all costs. I too was told that this was the type of surgery I needed and was even told that to do it laparoscopically was impossible, but in doing research found that many doctors do not know what is possible. I found in doing research that the least invasive the surgery was the better for adhesions. I had to travel across the country to find a doctor who could do it, but they are out there! Do some more research before you let anyone cut you. I believe some doctors don't know the procedures, don't want to learn them or are just not skilled enough to do them so they opt for the easy way out for them. This is your body, your life and even if it takes more time and opinions made absolutely sure this is right for you. Sorry to preach, but I found this out the hard way and really believe in the laparascopic approach. You are worth the best care. Ginni

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