Re: Newbie to Forum - Looking for Answers

From: Kimmi (
Thu Jan 27 02:34:35 2000

Peggie, Hi Nice to meet you, Sorry your hear your suffering with so much pain. Sounds like you have been through alot. I was diagnosed with IC last spring. That one really came as a shock to me, didn't know much about the condition until I went and saw a new urologist. And this was years after being seen by others,and having bladder work done. I was really miffed that other doctors over looked this dx on me. I have been on the Meds since dx time, unfortunately they don't seem to be helping at all. If anything my bladder problems are getting worse, so need to call him back and have to see the list of doctors again anyways so will bring it all up. Anyways hope you find some relief. Kimmi

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