Re: FDA and Intergel

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Wed Jan 26 21:35:14 2000

Okay, except that I apparently never got Dr. Weissman's explanation which I did keep watching for. I get the posts through e-mail. Did anyone else not get it? I just did a search through old deleted mail which I haven't cleaned out in a while just to make sure I didn't miss it and there's nothing there as well. It makes me wonder if I'm getting all the posts.

>Sue Ann,
>This is Karla again. If you go back to Dr. Weissman's explanation of why
he >felt the approval was not recommended you will see where he mentions an
>increased rate of infection. At first I thought the amount was
>trivial...but then I realized that if it was a rate they were not
>comfortable with accepting maybe I should be uncomfortable with it as well.
>As far as phenfen goes...unfortunately I was prescribed these drugs...and
>suffer the if I needed that too....I have learned to
>question everything...and to take nothing for granted.
>Take care and God Bless. I will try to find the posting and forward it to

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>> >The FDA was aware of the potential problems of the drugs phenfen...and
>> chose
>> >to ignore them despite many, many letters begging them not to approve
the >> >drugs. I happen to have copies of some of those letters and it angers
me >> to
>> >think that the FDA went ahead with them anyway. As for the doctors
>> >prescribing the two drugs was on the advice of the drug
>> >companies that they do this and they had been tested in combination.
>> THis is interesting, because all the news reports I heard said that they
>> not been tested together -- maybe they meant not tested together by the
>> But they were tested by the companies?
>> >is where American Home Products is in trouble...because they hid the
>> >negative information from everyone. I prefer to let the FDA do their
>> > they should have done with phenfen. We as consumers need to be
>> >assured that all efforts have been made to provide us with a reliable
>> > from any potential problems.
>> ..>expecting too much to have an evaluation as to why the incidence of
>> >infection is increased and take steps to correct the problem. I look
>> forward
>> >to the day when Intergel is available for use in this country...but I
>> >to feel confident that when it is used on me everything has been done to
>> >correct its flaws.
>> Okay, this is the first I've heard anything about infections. Are you
>> saying that with intergel there was an increased risk of infection? Was
>> this only in the laparotomy trials in this country? I keep wondering
why >> it was seemingly easily approved in so many other countries and not this
>> one. The only mention of possible infection in the protocal papers they
>> gave me is the risk of "infection in the area of surgery", which to me
>> implies that it has more to do with the surgery than with the gel itself.
>> Frankly, if I find out that they knew about an increased risk of
infection >> and didn't tell that information to study participants, I will not be
>> even though I did not have a problem.

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