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From: Peggie (
Tue Jan 25 14:31:10 2000

Hi all! In cruising the web, I came across your site, and it appears that I have finally found the answer . . . I hope. Although there is no cure (and the hope of treatment through the gel rejected by the FDA in 1/12 is now dashed), at least an answer is better than "it's in all your head" or "it's irritable bowel." After reading volumes of material over the last couple of weeks, I believe that adhesions may well be my problem too. Here's the short history, 4/86 - appendectomy 6/90 - c-section 3/98 - left tubal pregnancy ("resolved" w/methrotrexate - no invasive surgery - Dr.'s word "resolve" -- nice, huh?!) 6/98 - pain begins in left lower quadrant many, many, many trips to different drs. in last year and 1/2 finally, in 7/99 laproscopy performed - apparent 4 inch mass of adhesion on left tube removed and additional mass (don't know how much) on right tube YEAH - Pain free for a whole 6 weeks! But, it came back, and in the last 2 weeks, its worse then ever - affecting bladder and bowel function! Major lower back pain, nausea, and same old lower left quadrant pain, but with some fun "Stabbing pain" episodes mixed in!

Also appear to have symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis (going to urologist 2/5) - but not sure if adhesions doing the mimic or not? (symptoms include frequency, pressure, pain (sharp stabbing in lower left and achy, etc.)

Visit to gyn who did lap on 1/12 only produced a "sorry, their working on advances every day for adhesions" (obviously, he hadn't gotten the press release yet!) and a prescription for ponstel (which obviously hasn't worked - and he knew it wouldn't - there was no endometriosis found during the lap) - oh yeah, and about my 10th scrip in 2 years for antiobotics for WBC's in urine -"but you don't have a UTI -it's just a precaution" whatever that means . . .now 2 cultures later, "negative" but still have symptoms

Anyway, originally I thought maybe ARD didn't apply to me cuz I didn't really have discomfort after open surgeries in '86 and '90 - but I really do believe the ectopic caused all of this - it's pretty coincidential that my pain started w/in 3 mos after that -- Another thought, do you see a pattern of inheritence here? Could any of your family members (parents) fit the symptomology? When my mom had her hystorectomy in '81, she apparently had bowel, liver, diaphragm and all sorts of other adhesed organs that took an extra several hours that the dr. didn't count on. But lucky her, no pain. Wonder why?

I Still want to follow up w/urologist cuz in addition to the treatment of the ectopic with methotrexate (let me tell you -- that is the most WICKED drug ever- I don't think I have ever had soo much pain!), I had the most painful experience in my life -- the tech did a "reverse fill" of the bladder through a catheter to be able to do an ultrasound to check on the ectopic for potential surgery and then left the bag hanging keeping my bladder full beyond capicity until he could go find the dr. - approx. 10 minutes ! and gee, he couldn't understand why I was BALLING when he returned! he though it was the emotion of the ectopic - No bud, major pain!

Anyway, thanks for listening. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know at the above e-mail address or here -- I actually came looking for some pain management ideas, and your postings and site have been helpful! Thanks! I guess I should count my blessings and also get serious about my health -- I know my pain hasn't been completely dibilitating as some of yours has and I can still function, but stories like Christine's (my condolences to all her knew her) sure make me want to take control and be more forceful w/drs. (instead of leaving the office crying and feeling like a failure, again!) - Take care to all, Peggie

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