UNUM Insurance Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

From: Linda Ehler (whereverugothereuare@earthlink.net)
Thu Jan 20 18:40:38 2000

Hello everyone, Has anyone had this problem before? My short-term disability ran out 12/28/99 with my employers insurance company UNUM (one of the largest. I was supposed to be transitioned over for long term. Of course, they had to go through the approval process. I have 6 diagnoses, one of which is ARD, Fibromyalgia & CFS, Costochondritis, IC, and major migraines. None of these ever kept me from working until July 2, 1999. Anyway, they just denied me benefits based on their criteria of "Pre-existing" (prior to March 1, 1999 and going back 90 days. The only thing that was pre-existing was a bleeding ulcer that caused the left flank pain. Much proof to this effect. My doctors all wrote letters regarding this etc. I am appealing. Does anyone know how this goes? Have you ever appealed a private long term disability giant like UNUM?

I guess all they say is true. I read an article in the Portland Press Newspaper from 1996 that stated UNUM claims administrators were paid bonuses of $86 million to deny claims!!! I couldn't believe it until I saw it for myself.

My sincere thanks to anyone who might have experience with this. What are the chances with an appeal? What is the worst is that you are left out in the cold. No medical ins., no money,not cured and still disabled and not doing well enough at all to go back to work. Our state WA only gives a single person (with no children) $330. month!!! Like you can really exist on that. Thanks again. Linda

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