Laparoscopic / Endoscopic Surgery -

From: Helen Dynda (
Thu Jan 20 16:32:39 2000

There is alot of excellent information at this website - as well as many excellent photos (some may take a little while to load). This information comes from the SYDNEY WOMENS' ENDOSURGERY CENTRE in Australia:

* Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Surgery: Patient Information

Since the Adhesions Forum is intended to be an international organization, I believe it is very fitting to include information from Australia. I don't think there is much difference in their information about laparoscopic/endoscopic surgery as compared to that of the United States - in regard to laparoscopic/endoscopic surgery.

At this site you will find information about:

1.) What is Open surgery?

2.) Is there an alternative to Open surgery?

3.) What happens in key hole surgery?

4.) Conditions suitable for keyhole surgery: *Uterine bleeding disorders, *Hysterectomy, *Pelvic floor and vaginal prolapse, *Urinary incontinence, *Endometriosis, *Ovarian cysts, *Fibroids, *Reproductive or tubal surgery, *Severe period pain, *Adhesions, *Some early pelvic cancer --- click on each of the above for very good information and excellent laparoscopic photos.

5.) Risks and complications

6.) What happens before surgery?

7.) What to expect following the operation?

8.) Recovery at home

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