Re: UNUM Insurance Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

From: Karen Kaplan (
Sun Jan 23 19:39:34 2000

Could someone explain to me why pre-existing conditions are the basis for denial of longterm disability? That doesn't seem to make sense - how else are you supposed to become disabled if not from a pre-existing condition? Just curious - you never know what the future may bring. Thanks, Karen

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> I was also denied for "pre-Exisitng Condition" by UNUM. I have been off
work > since Feb 1999, my short-term disability stopped on May 23, 1999. I am
> supposed to be receiving my First Disablilty check by the end of this
month. > I was not aware that alot of people with UNUM insurance were being Denied
for > the same reason. I am not sure about the appeal process, to be honest the
> thought never crossed my mind.
> Lou Ann

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