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Disability Letters


e have provided you with materials that can be printed for your use when taking information to your physician, your insurance company or Disability Benefit officers. 

Please take a moment to look at these letters.  We have also been able to provide you with a sample letter to assist you with preparing your own materials.  You may print Dr. Wiseman's letter in its entirety for your personal use when preparing materials for your disability claim.

A BIG thank you to Beverly Doucette (former WI Support Coordinator) for helping to prepare the Sample Letter and Guidelines information.  Should you have any questions - please contact us.

Sample Benefits Letter

Disability Guidelines

Dear Benefits Officer - a letter from Dr. Wiseman & the IAS


General Disability Information


Directory of Patient Assistance Programs - Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine. RxAssist offers a comprehensive database of these patient assistance programs, as well as practical tools, news, and articles so that health care professionals and patients can find the information they need.

Financial Assistance for Adhesions, Adhesiolysis or other Surgery

Following are some leads and tips for finding financial help for adhesiolysis surgery. Please do your own diligent research to find the right solution for you. We are grateful to an adhesion sufferer for researching and compiling this information.


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