From: sherry (
Tue Oct 26 19:32:45 1999

My MRI is Saturday, I have had second thoughts about having it done, I feel it will be a waste of time. I called my surgeons office and spoke with his nurse and she really stressed that I should have it done. The contrast is to be of my LS spine. I complain a lot about back pain and I do have scoliosis, but the pain I am having now is different. The worst back pain I have endured was when I had the bowel obstructions. It was unbearable. I have a lot of pulling and stiffness with the pain. Sometimes I cannot stand up straight or lay down flat. I did have an upper GI series and the barium contrast about a year and a half ago. Although the contrast liquid moved extremely slow they sent me home saying I was ok. I had surgery soon after for lysis of adhesions around my intestines and on my bowel. The day after I got home from that surgery I had 3 acute bowel obstructions. Thank God they resolved themselves. I was in the hospital about 2 weeks. My surgeon told me that there is always the possibility of multiple problems and the MRI shows a lot of things. He didn't say what it may show but he did say it wouldn't show adhesions. I just want to do everything I can to find out what is going on with me. I know you understand how frustrating that can be. Sherry

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