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From: Merri Ellen (
Wed Oct 27 11:38:13 1999

In reply to Igor's question!

Dear Igor, It is a phrase that is probably used exclusively here in the New England area. Probably inappropriate verbage to use unless everyone could get the joke...sorry :o(

When you want to convey that a particular event is not going to happen with any regularity or may never happen at all: We would say " order for that to happen it would be a BLUE moon!" Obviously a ridiculous sight that does not happen. To further empasize my despair...I add that not only would it have to be blue but it would ALSO have to specifically be in the first quarter!

Another example of New England state verbage that would seem strange is: "Stop fiddling around and get this work done!" We are speaking of wasting time... -these are probably phrases that go back to the late 1800's!

I hope this answers your question and again my apologies for typing as I speak!

Warm Regard, Merri Ellen Gamble

At Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Igor Gudymenko wrote: >
>you wrote:
>> I have played games with this bowel rollercoaster for 17 years! I have
>> to have just the right balance of water, fiber, veggies, degree of
>> stress, rest and exercise...and oh yeah...the moon has to be in the
>> first quarter and the color blue! I know many of you can TOTALLY
>> identify with that description! Recently I have switched over to a
>> modified diet. I don't eat red meat, sausage, pork, or ham. I eat
>> vegatarian 4 days a week and chicken or turkey on the other three. I
>> stay away from food preservatives, carbonated drinks and try to limit
>> caffeine. Does anyone else have a dietary routine that keeps things
>> moving without going 60 miles per hour?
>Excuse me, what the expession "the moon has to be in the first quarter
>and the color blue!" does mean here?
>I couldn't understand it. Is it about influence of Moon phases on our
>organism or it's just set expression?
>Please explain it.
>Best regards,
>Igor Gudymenko

Merri Ellen

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