Re: Adhesions

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Tue Oct 26 17:02:30 1999

> I know none you know me and this
>is my first time to post...but I am really scared this time.
>Thank you, Cyn

Cyn, I was wondering if your doctors have ever used one of the adhesion prevention barriers? (interceed, sephrafilm) If not, you might want to look into that. If they have, there are a couple of new things being tested right now. I had one used this summer -- intergel -- and it seems to have worked well so far -- according to the doctor it worked great -- but my problems were minor compared to yours. Intergel is actually already available for different uses and in some countries for adhesions. Hearings in the US will be this November but if you can wait, it could be approved for use in preventing adhesions either with laparotomy or laproscopy by the end of the year.

Sue Ann

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