From: Igor Gudymenko (
Wed Oct 27 04:29:25 1999

Merri, you wrote: > I have played games with this bowel rollercoaster for 17 years! I have
> to have just the right balance of water, fiber, veggies, degree of
> stress, rest and exercise...and oh yeah...the moon has to be in the
> first quarter and the color blue! I know many of you can TOTALLY
> identify with that description! Recently I have switched over to a
> modified diet. I don't eat red meat, sausage, pork, or ham. I eat
> vegatarian 4 days a week and chicken or turkey on the other three. I
> stay away from food preservatives, carbonated drinks and try to limit
> caffeine. Does anyone else have a dietary routine that keeps things
> moving without going 60 miles per hour?

Excuse me, what the expession "the moon has to be in the first quarter and the color blue!" does mean here? I couldn't understand it. Is it about influence of Moon phases on our organism or it's just set expression? Please explain it.

Best regards, Igor Gudymenko

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