From: sherry (
Mon Oct 25 22:19:42 1999

Hi Gina, I read your post and can relate! I have problems with adhesions on my intestines and bowel. During one surgery my intestine was nicked, I started bleeding and required 3 blood transfusions. I have also had acute bowel obstructions. All of us who suffer from bowel problems know how important it is to keep things moving. It seems that my bowels move very slowly, and can be very painful. I have discovered that eating a soft pear every day and drinking a glass of orange juice with mineral oil in it really helps. I am fighting hard right now, seems the adhesions are strangling bowels again, stool is very thin. I'm trying to make it through the holidays. I had surgery in Nov. and was in hospital through Thanksgiving. That wasn't the first holiday I spent in the hospital. I pray for all of us. Sherry

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