Re: Sherry-Gina

From: Gina (
Tue Oct 26 09:17:07 1999

Thanks for sharing that Sherry. I am sorry to hear you're having problems again. I hope you can last through the holidays as well! Of course I am hoping the same thing for me. :-) My bowels had started moving again for awhile, now they stopped again. Damn! I hate focusing my whole day around a BM. Before these surgeries I had months when I didn't even have to think about it, it was normal and natural part of life. Now it's like "It's 11pm and I haven't had a BM today, now it's 5pm next day and still no BM, oh no, more laxatives, still no BM" like my life revolves around it! I hate that! Starting with a new doc next week and hope to get a referral to a really great colon/rectal surgeon in this area,who also does GI testing. Maybe he can find the problem and provide a solution, finally. I never give up hope. Hugs, Gina

At Mon, 25 Oct 1999, sherry wrote: >
>Hi Gina, I read your post and can relate! I have problems with adhesions
>on my intestines and bowel. During one surgery my intestine was nicked,
>I started bleeding and required 3 blood transfusions. I have also had
>acute bowel obstructions. All of us who suffer from bowel problems know
>how important it is to keep things moving. It seems that my bowels move
>very slowly, and can be very painful. I have discovered that eating a
>soft pear every day and drinking a glass of orange juice with mineral
>oil in it really helps. I am fighting hard right now, seems the
>adhesions are strangling bowels again, stool is very thin. I'm trying
>to make it through the holidays. I had surgery in Nov. and was in
>hospital through Thanksgiving. That wasn't the first holiday I spent in
>the hospital. I pray for all of us. Sherry

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