From: toni welsh (twelsh1@webtv.com)
Mon Oct 25 12:58:40 1999

You are right, it is not a joke. Like I said those who do not have these problems take it for granted, and I know the pain just keeps getting worse everyday I do not go! Like today, normally I go in the orn ing if I take senekot and go about the day and do what I have to do. Today at 0ne o'clock my bowels as far as pain feel like they are ready to explode the pain and pressure in there was so strong, and for about an hour it hurt real bad, and finally after I sit and cry for an hour due to the pain and pressure in there being so strong, FINALLY the bowels moved. And I do o for about an hour off and on, and each time I get severe pains all aross the whole pelvic area, it will not ease until the bowels get empty enough. I am just trying to figure this whole thing out, and seems like as time goes the bowels movements get harder to have. I am so sick of normal routine things hurting everyday.

I also meant to post to you I am taking 900 mgs of Neurotin now, I was taking 1200 mgs, I take that oxycontin, celbrex and trazadone, and I guess I expect relief!! Where is it?


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