Re: neurontin,triphala

From: toni welsh (
Mon Oct 25 12:44:25 1999

At Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Jaynie Jarvis wrote: >
>I think it was Denise that just started neurontin, my experience was
>very sedated, feeling of going crazy, loosing it, I was laughing and
>crying at the same time. I had thoughts of wanting to die.( more than
>usual). They really like to have you trie it though. All my Docs were
>all excited about it. Never did a thing for my pain either.My husband
>broke my heart one night and made fun of my sedation on it. We're both
>in recovery.Being around drunk or loaded people can be very agitating
>for both of us. I feel he dosen't like me sometimes. And that pisses
>him off when I say that! If I'm to happy I think suspects I'm abusing my
>drugs. I don't! Sometimes I trie to forget what has happened to me over
>a hystorectomy that was suppose to make my quality of life better and
>just be goofy or maybe the whole thing drives me goofy.Triphala, where
>do you get it cheerio? I have pain when I sit on my butt could that be
>from constipation or the 1st sign of bowel adhesions. I have suspected
>them by my rectom for a long time. What is the 1st sign of bowel
>ashesions? Is this what's in store for me? The progression of adhesions
>to the bowel? Makes since, nothing left to grow adhesons on. But Toni
>do we have to quit smoking? I like to smoke. I have increased alot
>since last surgery and stronger ones. I'm a bit self-destuctive. Good
>for you anyway. I will try someday. Sherry I also have blood in my
>urine long before any of this started.Was told some peoples kidneys just
>don't filter as well as others, after a IVP and a cystscope thingy. Also
>I read endo. on bladder can cause that. Mine was removed and I still
>have blood in my urine more if I'm in alot of pain. Last dr. said if
>your pelvic is inflammed that could be why. So take your pick.Hope you
>all don't mind me getting it all out at once. Have wanted to join in
>for sometime its like talking at a AA meeting, if your a new comer you
>should listen to see what its all about 1st.CRM you took me back. I
>don't blame you for not wanting to go threw this again. No matter what
>they do you still have terrific pain. Take it easy and watch some
>movies. Ask for help. I'm sure we all have that in common. Not
>wanting to ask for help. Thank God for this forum. JJ

No we do not have to quit smoking, but I was smoking TOO many after the stress of my life, and the pai from adhesions seemed to take over my whole life. I feel I am trying to make my life easier by stopping smoking, seems I do feel better as far as the breathing difficulties in the mornings after smoking 2 packs aday at times. I enjoy smoking and miss it terribly, and it is the HARDEST thing I have ever done, especially with the stress I have had for a long time now!

I hope I can stay away from them, very hard though!

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