Re: jaynie....constipation,pain& meds

From: Denise Olson (
Mon Oct 25 16:01:55 1999

Its a celebration between me and my husband when I have a bowel movement as well! Since I've been on 1200mgs of neurontin my bowls have been doing about 60mph. I also stopped the prozac though.( another constipating drug) I remember all the 1am or 4am runs to the hospital because of blockages!! I also even now have to lay down after a bowl movement because of the pain if feel. Even as I speak I am sitting at the computer with a huge glass of water. I have a britta filter and I try to drink as much (without electrolite damage) as I can. I dont know if any of this helps, but if only one person can pick up a tip that works for them, thats GREAT!! Denise in Seattle

At Mon, 25 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>You are right, it is not a joke. Like I said those who do not have
>these problems take it for granted, and I know the pain just keeps
>getting worse everyday I do not go! Like today, normally I go in the orn
>ing if I take senekot and go about the day and do what I have to do.
>Today at 0ne o'clock my bowels as far as pain feel like they are ready
>to explode the pain and pressure in there was so strong, and for about
>an hour it hurt real bad, and finally after I sit and cry for an hour
>due to the pain and pressure in there being so strong, FINALLY the
>bowels moved. And I do o for about an hour off and on, and each time I
>get severe pains all aross the whole pelvic area, it will not ease until
>the bowels get empty enough. I am just trying to figure this whole
>thing out, and seems like as time goes the bowels movements get harder
>to have. I am so sick of normal routine things hurting everyday.
>I also meant to post to you I am taking 900 mgs of Neurotin now, I was
>taking 1200 mgs, I take that oxycontin, celbrex and trazadone, and I
>guess I expect relief!! Where is it?

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