Re: History with colonoscopy

From: Cheerios (
Sat Oct 23 18:11:04 1999

Merry - this may help you a little - My daughter went to local hospital where she was diagnosed with AIDS as she had thrush in her mouth, could not eat, and was down to 88 lbs. They wanted to do a colonoscopy - she walked out - and ended up at a well known medical school in D.C. The Dr. on duty was a gyn. oncologist - who saved her life - actually her ovaries had burst and the infection had eaten part of her intestines - - I think they called the Communicative Disease people, as her test for t.b. showed the opposite of what it was suppose to - This Doctor is rated the top Doctor by her fellow Doctors- but she saved my daughters life, my dear friends life when she was misdiagnosed so I went there for my surgery. My son had ulcerative colitis and ended up with a j-pouch after a GI, not from same hospital, wouldn't operate on his problem, and they let it go tooo long - He has had many surgeries but I have found out for me, as he has shown me - that working out makes a great deal of difference - -as in your case I don't know - but I know I had to strengthen my abdominal muscles - and stretch scar tissue - I started taking triphala which is a herb used for bowel regulation, not laxative - found out from Dr. Weil - and he also suggets it for partial bowel obstructions - except for my hysterectom wound, having a problem healing, but not in pain, it is the best I have felt in four years - all due to triphala - - - >



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