Re: bowel obstructions

From: Cheerios (
Sat Oct 23 17:59:04 1999

Hi Ginny: I had something similar to fecal impact about four years ago which changed my life - I was prone to constipation but never this bad - -had colonoscopoy, found some diverticula's however it was clear - Internist squooshed around my stomach feeling for scar tissue from kidney and gall bladder removal in 1990 - I was put on citrucel, colace etc. misc. but never a laxative - which I refuse to take - nor a muscle relaxant - as my pain only was after I went to bathroom - and I would hurt all day. About 6 months ago I noticed Dr Weil mentioning triphala for partial bowel obstruction, constipation etc. Believe me, I studied it, as I can't take casgarda or senna - it is one of the oldest herbs used in India - our computer guru at work is from India and I asked if she had ever heard of triphala and she said that they use it every day, sprinkle it on their food. I even talked to a gal who was due for surgery for diverticulitis and once she got into triphala she didn't have to have it. I tried half a capsule in morning and half at night- kept up my metamucil in the morning to - I did not take as much as they say to take - I now take one at night at bedtime and that is it - although there is no required time - -it is a bowel regulator - - but I have not been in any pain for over a month now - even those little hemorroids have stopped hurting - and I use aloe vera gel from pharmacist to keep them happy every once in a while - - oh yes, my uterine cancer hysterectomy pap smear came out clear - -it has been a long haul - and would be lost without my Internet support. >


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