Same old thing

From: Toni Welsh (
Sat Oct 23 18:24:57 1999

Just a hello to all of you, toight, and wishing crm a very speedy recovery. well considering that yesterday was not too bad aday, it made up for it today. I am so tired of complaining, and sometime I do not tell my husband, I am afraid he does nt understand anymore. I guess you would thik after 2 laparotomies and one lap within 5 months you would think and hope you would be feeling better.

I am having just an awful day, and keep trying to start things and not finish none of them. The smoking has been almost a month, boy has this een hard to do, but I will not go through no more surgery, as much as I was smoking. Did your surgeon use any of the barriers? I am like this, they try and try to dp a lap, and it always fails. None of them can get in my pelvis. And I am tired as heck recovering from laparotomy after laparotomy. I had never had 2 so close together as last yerar. So scared of going again in the future.

Will some of us ever feel better? I cannot do nothing todya, hurting real bad! Why can they not get painmeds to help this pain? They are trying with me and I eed to open up more with my drs. you get tired of telling them, I do.


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