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From: Christine M. Smith (
Sat Oct 23 22:54:12 1999

At Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Merri Ellen wrote: >
>I am reposting this info because I don't think I did it correctly last
>This is the same GI colorectal surgeon from 11 years ago. After the
>test was completed and they had FINALLY convinced themselves that I did
>not have a colon disease...they discovered that the problem was my
>gallbladder. Even after I repeatedly voiced my concerns about
>approaching this as a simple gall/surgery they did not listen. I got
>the "Miss, do you know how many of these surgeries I do in a week?" "It
>will be a you just relax!"
> was not a snap. I was bleeding internally from bowel
>perforation. I was told that the adhesions had done this damage but I
>firmly believe that the colonoscopy may have jolted this damage into
>high gear. I had been experiencing symptoms of shock for several days
>prior to the surgery. Cold, sweaty, grey/hazy feeling. Very similar to
>the symptoms of my ectopic pregancy when the tube was bursting. My
>bowel was nicked by the gallb. surgeon and another surgeon had to be
>called in to do the resection. Before they could even get to the
>gallbladder all these adhesions had to be dealt with. Hours later the
>surgeons addressed my parents about what had happened and how long it
>took. If I had felt better upon wake up time I probably would have done
>the "I told you so dance". But I just didn't have the strength.
>So...can you understand my fear this time? The GI doctor is actually a
>very compassionate and skilled man. I just don't want to end up
>bleeding internally, rushing to an ER, to be worked on by a surgeon
>whose adhesion knowledge is limited to being able to spell the word!
>If anyone has had a bowel resection I would appreciate your sharing your
>history/complications and hope...
>Merri Ellen

Hi Merri Ellen: I'm sorry you've been through so much. I certainly can understand your fear. I don't think I would have another colonoscopy done by a doctor who previously perforated my bowel, whether he admitted doing it or not. And since he knows you had this trouble before (adhesions causing a difficult procedure) I would think he would want to check out the situation beforehand with some kind of barium study. I wasn't sure if it was easy to perforate a bowel with a colonscope but obviously it happens as it happened to you.

Chris S. >

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