Re: ply to Helen, Christine, Marilyn & ginny

From: Denise Campbell (
Tue Oct 19 23:20:34 1999

At Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Denise Olson wrote: >
>I was wondering if anyone has tried water aerobics? That may have the
>same effects as any other aerobic activity, I don't know. I too have
>exausted the sources of activities because of my adhesions. I was
>thinking about weight lifting or yoga?

I've had to give up my daily Yoga exercises because it just hurt too much. A shame too, because of other medical problems I have, I'd finally found an activity that I could do and also helped me clear my mind and centre myself for the day. In the end, the pulling and pain was too much. I miss my morning Yoga session w/my favorite Bach CD very much. Denise in Northern Ontario

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