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From: Toni welsh (
Wed Oct 20 09:54:55 1999

At Tue, 19 Oct 1999, teresa hunt wrote: >
>AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!! I still look to this place as a refuge from the world.
> I look forward to checking my mail to see what is going on and possibly
>learn something. I have learned and continue to learn more everyday. The
>"brick wall" you refer to is driving me insane! I just received a fax of 25
>pages of chart notes most of which where cover pages and insurance requests.
> (A LARGE WASTE). Nothing really I needed to take to pain mgmt in the
>morning. So I go unprepared, as it is too late to get anything else before
>time to go. As I have stated on previous forums: I have been "ping-ponged"
>between the gyn who done the lysis on me in Aug this year and the GI I have
>been seeing. When I spoke with the gyn"s nurse (very rarely do EVER speak
>with the doctor) they would give me the runaround and put it off on the GI.
> The GI would call the doctor and be told something else. Now I have it on
>BLACK AND WHITE that the GI is telling me the truth and the GYN and his
>nurse are telling (at least my chart) different from what they say. I was
>comfortable with the gyn I was seeing until, I seen what they actually had
>to say about me. After I get home from pain mgmt., the first thing (if I'm
>able) is to find another gyn or at least a surgeon who can/will take care of
>this problem once and for all!!! I will wait for the intergel, but he
>certainly isn't he ONLY doctor who will be using it after it's release. BOY
>did that feel good. Thanks for the VENT. I didn't mean to run on, but my
>blood pressure is high enough from the pain. I sure don't need a doctor to
>make it higher!!!! You all have been an insipration to me to keep going
>on. Keep up the good work and keep what need and let the rest go.
>Thanks again...Teresa
>>From: (Denise Olson)
>>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <>
>>Subject: In my opinion..........
>>Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 19:10:31 -0500
>>When I first came to this forum (at it's inception) there was all kinds
>>of support for each other - without debate.
>>My understanding was that this was a supportive enviroment, as well as a
>>wounderful place to talk about the resources that are available to us. A
>>place to lift each other up, not tear each other down. I have waited
>>awhile to write this because of not wanting to get in the middle of what
>>I prieceve to be happening.
>>When I come hear my hope is to be able to share my experience,strengh
>>and hope, as well as recieve yours without any condemnation cleverly
>>disguised as "helpful information." I know that, having to deal with the
>>medical professionals, can be draining. This place has been a refuge,
>>almost a place for renewal to get up again and begin a new day with
>>As a member of this forum, I want to be a supportive person, I want to
>>encourage, and I want to be gentle. I don't know about you but dealing
>>with this often misunderstood diagnosis can be like talking to a brick
>>wall at times.(our physicians)
>>Denise in Seattle

es, thank all of you, I guess am lucky, as soon s I ee cal y gn's office,if he is not busy, he comes tothe phone, and if he is with a patient,he calls me RIGHT back.

Earlier this year, when i was really down and out, an ome will remembe when I was on the endo forum, I did not want to live for awhile, my troubles, and family worries gettng me down. He talked to me in a hysterical crying spell, and that d id not hang up the phone for over a half an hour, and he kept telling me i wi ll ways be hispaient. That day he went way out from his gyn expertise. He will do anythin forhis patients. he really is the best gyn in my city, and I drive pretty far to see him, I do hope he and a general surgeon can help me, in the future, but now I am VERY scared of anymore surgery. Never used to be like that. My husband said he will not let me go through more unless the KNOWthe new barriers will work for sure only time will tell.

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