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From: Gail (
Tue Oct 19 21:46:05 1999

I have been taking water aerobics twice a week for about four weeks in hopes that it may help me. My adhesion problem is not as severe as many of you - I have adhesion "attacks" for a few days every 4-6 weeks. I have not had a problem with pain or vomiting since I have taken these classes. I can "feel" my adhesions sometimes when I am exercising in the water but most of the time it feels wonderful. I don't have to push myself and I can go at my own pace. I really don't know if its "helping" my adhesions but I feel I am getting in shape, as I have not exercised seriously since my hysterectomy over a year ago.

At Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Denise Olson wrote: >
>I was wondering if anyone has tried water aerobics? That may have the
>same effects as any other aerobic activity, I don't know. I too have
>exausted the sources of activities because of my adhesions. I was
>thinking about weight lifting or yoga? I know that these are not aerobic
>but could it hurt?
>Denise in Seattle
>>Merri Ellen:
>>I too have had to curtail my exercise routines because of pain from
>>adhesions. As pointed out in earlier post, most problems have come from
>>high impact activities like tennis step classes etc. My pain at it's
>>best feels like someone has wrapped a rubber band from my right mid
>>abdomen around to my back. At it's worse it is the pulling, tearing,
>>stabbibg pain. Good luck with getting your records. I hope it holds
>>some answers for you. Ginny
>>At Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Merri Ellen wrote:
>>>Thank you for your email and forum responses! I have never heard the
>>>word endo used in my past surgeries. My husband is on vacation this
>>>week and we plan on visiting the hospital to attain my surgery records.
>>>They will tell me more. My only memory of the adhesion surgeries was
>>>that my repro. organs were wrapped with coadhesive type adh. Each
>>>surgery I lost another part of an ovary or more extensive damage was
>>>done to other organs. Each cycle seemed to increase the pain
>>>dramatically. Finally...the hysterectomy option was proposed.
>>>Currently...can anyone share the place that exercise plays with
>>>adhesions? Due to being out of shape and over weight...I joined a health
>>>club and began a very conservative work out program. Walking, machines,
>>>swimming. It felt wonderful but then soon after, I found myself in this
>>>adhesion flare up condition. I have hesitated to share my health club
>>>activites because I don't want the doctors to poo-poo me off with a
>>>"pulled muscle" dx. I certainly know the difference between muscle and
>>>adhesion problems. Does anyone else need to curtail execise regime due
>>>to adhesions? This time around I have an uncomfortable sensation in my
>>>abdomen: I feel like my corset (muscles in my abdomen) is alternating
>>>between tied and untied. Everything feels loose, wavy, unconnected.
>>>Then it will tighten, producing a stabbing, strangle hold of intense
>>>pain. Either I don't remember this from before or this is something
>>>entirely different...please let me know if this is common. Thank you
>>>for your help and support!
>>Ginny King


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