Comfort in numbers

From: Merri Ellen (
Wed Oct 20 08:07:50 1999

I just wanted to share that finding this forum has been an extremely positive and comforting event. I really felt that I was alone...slightly crazy...and maybe a hyprochandriac! Having all the xrays and tests come back a-ok but still being in pain/bowel problems, made me feel that the doctors are right: this problem is really in my head not my body! What a comfort to realize that there are many other people suffering the same symptoms! I truly believed other doctors when they said I was such an unusual...rare...unheard of case. Like I was a scientific freak or something. Thank you for correcting a long believed myth of mine. The adhesions themselves are not PAINFULL. They become a source of pain when they attach to organs/tissues and pull at nerve endings. Or squeeze them with the strength of a python...speaking with 17 years of experience. It is not the scar tissue itself but whatever it attaches to, that causes the pain. No one had ever explained that to me before.

Well...I need to leave the chair position. Thank you for the water aerobic suggestion. I belong to the YMCA and the water seems to help me too!

Merri Ellen

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