Re: Ok, here's a new one....

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Mon Oct 18 17:49:54 1999

Ginny How awful for you -- it must have been terrifying. I have not had any experience with seizures -- I hope your Drs. get back to you soon......I have never heard of pain causing seizures but I suppose anything is possible.

Sorry I have nothing to offer but support. Hang in there and let us all know how you make out.


> from them. I've passed out before because of the pain, but never have
> had a seizure. I'm a little scared and wish someone would call me back.
> Does anyone know if pain can cause a seizure? I wonder if the Crohn's
> could as well, but I couldn't find it listed as a side effect anywhere I
> looked on the internet. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Ginny
> --
> Ginny King

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