Re: Another trip to the urgent care facility...

From: randy and gloria mcdonald (
Mon Oct 18 17:51:35 1999

I think this is what I love the most about this list -- even when you are feeling lousy and afraid yourself, you find it in you to reach out to another.

Take care Ginny and Sherry.


> Hi Sherry,
> So sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I don't have any advice, but
> you have my love and support. Best wished. Ginny
> At Sun, 17 Oct 1999, sherry wrote:
> >
> >I gave in to my pain and once again ended up at the urgent care facility
> >Friday evening. The doctor I saw was so understanding, he has treated
> >me before for my adhesion pain. I have been fighting an obstruction off

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