Re: List of Dr.'s by state?

From: Sue Ann Murray (murraysa@PENN.COM)
Fri Oct 15 19:36:29 1999

>At Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Gina wrote:
>>To make a long story short, is there a list anywhere of Dr.'s and
>>surgeons who specialize
>>in adhesion prevention, repair, etc

Gina, I don't know of any list, but I took part in a clinical trial of an adhesion prevention gel (Intergel) this summer which so far has worked very well with me. I think the trials are about over and Lifecore, the manufacturer has applied to the FDA for quick approval based on the results so far. It's actually already available in Europe and trials for laparotomy have been completed -- the trial I was in was for laparoscopy use. I know Lifecore has facilities in California where they were running the trial. Anyway, I was just thinking that they would have a list of who has participated in the trials and those doctors would have some experience in dealing with the adhesions and using the gel, if you're willing to wait for approval to be complete. The hospital where I had my trial (in Pittsburgh) is also participating in another trial for women who've had hysterectomies with another liquid (icodextrin) for the prevention of adhesions. I don't know as much about that one but if you're interested, let me know and I'll get you a phone number to call. That's a different company so I don't know if or where other participating hospitals might be. Obviously, the whole point of these trials is to prevent adhesions so there are definitely doctors interested in doing just that.

Sue Ann

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