Re: GI work up

From: Christine M. Smith (
Fri Oct 15 17:40:52 1999

At Fri, 15 Oct 1999, toni welsh wrote: >
>yes, a work up is warranted when you find blood in the stools. I had
>some blood in mine four years ago, and I too have alot of mucous when I
>go, and alot of relatives that have crohns icluding my sister and my 23
>year old son was diagnosed 2 years ago. I was diagnosed with IBS, I was
>scared to death with the crohns running in my family. I think I was
>very lucky.
>As far as the extensive adhesions I have all over the intestines and the
>fact that the adhesions have pulled my large colon down into the pelvis,
>I am afraid as they told me in sept last year after surgery, that it was
>smothring the small bowel, I AM scared. I will have surgery as soon as
>it is neede, trying to wait for the new abarriers!
>I have alot of trust and faith in the gyn I see, and I will go for his
>opiion, I KNOw he would not do anything to hurt the situation further. A
>general surgeon would definitely wrap my entire bowel with abarrier, and
>they did say it worked for the one other patient he had. So time will
>Love to all, toni

Hi Toni: I am glad to read that you are finally hearing something positive from your doctors-that they have a case that appears to be a success. It must have been a very long year for you. I still have no answer. I don't know for sure that adhesions are or are not causing my problems. I most likely have sacroiliac inflammation, but still undocumented and reason why, unknown. There is a possibility of something like crohn's, but if so, I've probably had it all my adult life. One of my blood tests came up "chronic immune process". I have had this abnormality for at least 25 years. Very frustrating.

Chris S.

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