Re: surgery date

From: crm (
Fri Oct 15 21:30:21 1999

Toni, the doctor said a barrier will be used and as far as the surgery goes they are going to try to do a lap, but they will know more when they see what is going on..... >At Thu, 7 Oct 1999, crm wrote:
>>Hello Everyone, I found out yesterday that I will be having surgery on
>>Oct18, I did not except it so soon but I am happy that maybe it will
>Good luck with our surgery, and let us now how you are doing. Is your
>dr using a barrier, nd is he doing al laparoscopy, or laparotomy? I wish
>the drs could get in to do a lap on me, and hopefully this is what your
>drs can do. Just because the recovery is so long! Let us know when you
>are feeling better!

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