List of Dr.'s by state?

From: Gina (
Thu Oct 14 12:00:29 1999

Hello, I am researching adhesions this morning because I am prone to them, have already had 2 surgeries to remove massive pelvic and abdominal adhesions, and now have them again at 4 weeks post-op from my last surgery. This time they are interfering with my bowels and bladder functions. Yet I can't find a single doctor who will address this problem. They pretty much all hope I will quietly go away, and have told me as much. Yesterday my new primary care Dr. told me "After 3 visits with you regarding this problem, I am at the end of my rope with you. Perhaps you should find another doc." I am enraged and frustrated to be left hanging with these potentially serious & definitely aggravating, painful problems (partial bowel obstruc., bladder adhesions & dysfunction, etc). The surgeon who performed the last 2 surgeries was aware of the adhesions, yet never discussed how to prevent future ones. You would think having spent 5 hours removing adhesions just to be able to address the original reason he went in there (hysterectomy), would have made him want to prevent adhesions in the 2nd surgery he performed on me 4 weeks later--where he found all new adhesions plus massive adhesions in upper abdomen, on bowels and other organs. I'm at my wits end, can't get a doc to address my problems, and already at only 4 weeks post-op they want me to "just accept" that I will have chronic pelvic pain for life. When I went in for the original surgery, I only had pelvic pain during my monthly periods. Never in between periods. Now I have daily pain, blocked bowel and bladder functions. Instead of just fixing the original problem, I now have numerous new ones which are actually much worse than the original monthly pelvic pain.

To make a long story short, is there a list anywhere of Dr.'s and surgeons who specialize in adhesion prevention, repair, etc? I live in Portland, ME and so far am unable to find anyone here who will take me seriously. All of the docs I have talked to tell me adhesion prevention is useless, and that I will "just have to live with it". They also tell me even with bladder and bowel problems as a direct result of adhesions, they won't do anything for me. I refuse to accept this! I will not lose the good quality life I had before this "simple" procedure took it all away from me. I want this problem addressed, and resolved. I simply refuse to live with this pain, and fear of a life threatening emergency surgery which I feel is imminent (I am not having bowel movements, there is enormous pressure inside my pelvic area mainly on my bladder, vagina and colon). Sincerely, Gina Cipolla

PS: My question: is there a list of Dr.'s, by state, that specialize in this? I need to find one as close to where I live as possible. Thanks.

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