Re: Chris

From: Ginny King (
Wed Oct 13 12:58:42 1999

Hi Chris,

I have not talked to my gi yet. I am on a doctor fast this week. I just don't have the energy to talk to any of them right now. Thanks Ginny Hi Ginny: >Yes, I meant to ask you that-what did he think of your spine problem,
>since that would be considered skeletal. Maybe you have to try another
>doctor. (for pain management) That shouldn't be too difficult in the
>Atlanta area. I know right now that is probably the last thing you
>want-you probably feel like you have had your fill of doctors. But
>maybe in the future that might be something to try. I'm wondering what
>your gi doctor thought? The pain doctor I saw seemed very understanding
>so I was quite disappointed when I read his report.
>Chris S.

Ginny King

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