Re: Chris

From: Christine M. Smith (
Tue Oct 12 18:55:17 1999

At Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Ginny King wrote: >
>Hi Chris,
>Well, I guess we both had a not so hot experience with the pain
>management doctor. I felt like, OK so you only treat skeletal
>disorders, then why don't you investigate that further with me since it
>is known that I have arthritis and fusion of the lower lumbar and
>sacrum? Why don't we investigate whether this could be causing or
>aggravating my pain? He just passed me back to the gi and said he did
>not want to comment on what others have diagnosed! The first five
>minutes of my time with him he asked me some questions and then got up
>to leave the room so that I could change for an examination. I told my
>husband then that I had been dismissed. My husband got angry with me
>and asked why I would think that. But I knew, I have been through it
>enough to know when the doctors have made up their minds about you and
>are not listening any longer. When he came back in, I was of course
>correct. The last few doctors appointments are the first that my
>husband has gone with me. I hope he is beginning to understand now why
>I get so upset and feel so hopeless at times. I'll be interested to see
>what Tina comes up with regarding fiber. I know that I can't tolerate
>it. Back before they diagnosed the Crohn's and were calling it IBS
>(even with the bleeding) the doctor had me on a high fiber diet and I
>was so sick when I tried it that I only lasted a couple of weeks. The
>pain was unbearable. I don't know much about the Zone but I do know
>people who have been on Atkin's. They are allowed to eat all the meat,
>cheese, eggs, nuts etc. that they can possibly consume during the
>"induction" period, then they slowly add back some vegetables and fruits
>etc. Very high protein and fat. The principal is to throw you into
>"ketosis" which is supposed to burn fat. I have heard a lot of doctors
>trash this diet as dangerous. My friends all regained the weight plus
>some when they came out of the induction period. I have always kept my
>weight down through exercise ( being sick so much keeps it down as well)
>so I have never experimented with any of these diets to see if they work
>or if I would feel better. I only know that when I am on vacation and
>eat poorly I feel better??? Maybe for me it is because it balances my
>sugar levels better. Who knows. Take care. Ginny
>Ginny King

Hi Ginny: Yes, I meant to ask you that-what did he think of your spine problem, since that would be considered skeletal. Maybe you have to try another doctor. (for pain management) That shouldn't be too difficult in the Atlanta area. I know right now that is probably the last thing you want-you probably feel like you have had your fill of doctors. But maybe in the future that might be something to try. I'm wondering what your gi doctor thought? The pain doctor I saw seemed very understanding so I was quite disappointed when I read his report.

Chris S.

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